Da new barn


I admire this girl so much! No saddle or bridle and yet she can clear that HUGE jump with absolute amazing position and balance. She has got fucking GUTS! 

School got cancelled today so I slept till 11:30, it was awesome. The I headed to the barn and rode pony. A pipe was hissing so he was not a happy creature but I am proud that I was able to ride through it. I also jumped a cross rail bareback. I have never jumped bareback before— so that was cool. Then I did a photo shoot with my friend Anne in the snow. And now I’m feeding ponies, feeding myself, then running to an audition. 
Pictured is— Anne… I mentioned that already? The pictures came out really well I think. So excitement? Yes excitement. 



I’ve spent most of my life riding, the rest I’ve just wasted.

loving that quote


Image Credit: ©Hannah Shumka Photography 2012, Totem Photographics

Anabelle Mirfatahi Photography :) 
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